// How to Teach your Child to Drive an ATV//

               There is no doubt that kids riding ATV or all terrain vehicles are rising in number, especially the male riders. They certainly find the activity fun and entertaining, and being able to ride an ATV for leisure with their friends may mean the world to them. This holidays, don’t let your kid stay at home and watch his friends wave goodbye as they head for their ATV leisure rides. Teach him the basics of ATV; let him have fun and have friends; and offer him the holidays he’ll never forget. 

                Before starting to teach your kids to ride ATV, consider your knowledge about the vehicle first. If you are a first timer, consider enrolling him to a coaching session with a pro at considerable rates. Never pass on any knowledge to kids if you are not a skilled ATV rider yet, as you might just be telling them the wrong message. However, you can skip this part if you are a pro. Another thing to consider is the kid’s enthusiasm and your patience. It is necessary that the child is eager enough to learn and you are patient enough to teach as well. Some kids could be too excited that they don’t listen to their teachers/parents anymore, and they want to go directly to the point of making the vehicle run. Having the patience to handle a child’s aggressiveness is a key to delivering the right message in the right way.

                Another thing to consider is the child’s capability to ride an ATV. Is he healthy enough to manipulate the machine? Can he handle stress considering that he/she needs to have the strength to control the machine’s motion? Is he big enough for an ATV for kids? Consider these aspects before proceeding to the coaching session.

                Avoid digging directly to the difficult terms. Start the process by teaching the child on the basic functions of the vehicle’s parts first. Introduce him the brakes, gears, handles, switches, and all other parts that he/she needs to know while driving the ATV. This part is necessary, so the child won’t get confused in case there are certain parts that you need him to manipulate later on. Start showing him the basic terms as well like full throttle, gentle squeeze, and the likes. He will definitely needs these once he starts running the machine.

                Finally, always teach the kids about the importance of being safe all the time. Whether the child is just up for a leisure ride or a racing, being geared at all times should always be prioritized. Accidents can happen anytime and even pros can meet accidents during leisure riding. Therefore, when you start shopping for an ATV for your kid at reputable manufacturers like MV Moto Sports, consider shopping for high quality helmets as well.